Monday, January 27, 2014

Cheer Up Monday!

Yup, it's Monday!  The start to another crazy, busy week!  It especially seems rough because everyone (at least in my line of work) is affected by the cold temps and the decisions around moving goods in this weather.   It seemed a perfect day for my last "Laughing Lola" Card.   I wasn't sure I liked this sentiment but I finished the card and it works for today!  

Today is Day #27 of our "100x100" SCS Challenge.

Supplies:  CTMH Paper & Stamps Laughing Lola, CTMH Ink Outdoor Denim, Pear, Crystal Blue, CTMH Twine, CTMH Purple Dots

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I've Arrived!

In my usual fashion, late but with a GREAT story to tell. I didn't join the bloggers of the world until now because what would I have to share, at the time, I didn't think anything...well...I've changed my mind. I do want to share with all my friends and family-- my thoughts, creations and ideas. So, welcome to my World.

We'll Live, Love and Laugh 4 Life together!

The View from My Window

The View from My Window
Looking out the Living Room Window I realized today was a good day to get those projects I've been putting off DONE! It was beautiful to look at but I sure didn't want to get out in it this morning! Good thing I was on vacation.