Friday, June 13, 2014

Wild Times

There are days I miss when my boys were younger. I know there is a season for everything but I think my favorite ages were 8-12.  Now 20's, whew...where did the time go?     It was fun tonight to have the driveway full of guys shooting baskets with Gatorades all around and lots of trash talk, LOL.  It makes me happy when they can still get together for fun and games.   Maybe I'm the one that doesn't want to grow up?

This card is actually for a friend of mine at work whose wife just had their first baby.  I'm wishing them a blessing of life changes, haha. 

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I've Arrived!

In my usual fashion, late but with a GREAT story to tell. I didn't join the bloggers of the world until now because what would I have to share, at the time, I didn't think anything...well...I've changed my mind. I do want to share with all my friends and family-- my thoughts, creations and ideas. So, welcome to my World.

We'll Live, Love and Laugh 4 Life together!

The View from My Window

The View from My Window
Looking out the Living Room Window I realized today was a good day to get those projects I've been putting off DONE! It was beautiful to look at but I sure didn't want to get out in it this morning! Good thing I was on vacation.