Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today I was in the airport waiting for the Ground Transportation Driver and I was sitting by the guy who shines shoes. He's a VERY pleasant gentleman, always very chatty. He didn't have a customer at the time so he asked me if I needed my shoes shined. I told him "no" they were already ruined by the salt and no amount of "shining" was probably going to help. He agreed that salt was hard on shoes & told me that in weather like this (5 inches of snow) I really should wear boots! He did go on to show me his shoes and I have to admit they were beautiful. Not fancy, handmade leather beautiful but regular shoes shined up VERY nicely. You would have never been able to tell he walked through salt/snow with them! I told him they looked great and he than began to explain to me how he keeps them so nice. He told me, "The Lord gave me the Gift for Shoes." I must have given him a quizzical look because he went on to explain, "God gives everyone a special gift. That ONE thing they do better than anyone else. Might be small, might be big, others may have the same gift, but they don't/won't use it the same way so everyone's special gift is their own." His, he explained was "the gift of shoes. No one can make regular guy shoes look quite as nice, it's my gift." He went on to tell me that he's a Reverend at a little church on Sunday's and Wednesday's but during the week, he shares his "gift for shoes" at the airport. As he was packing up to leave (the weather was too bad for more flights to come in) he asked me, "So, what is your special gift?" He caught me by complete surprise and since I didn't have an answer, I said the only thing I could think, " well, we both can tell it's not shoes." He laughed and said, "oh no, that's mine. You need to discover your own." So all day I've been thinking about what I would consider "my own special gift". What's Yours?

My son Brandon has the gift of being able to get along with anyone and everyone. He's a great mediator and he's one of those people that others just like instantly. He always has lots of friends and acquaintances and seems to always be smiling and positive. He's so adorable, but then I'm prejudiced! Scrapbook Supplies: Paper: Elsie Papers, Stamps: SU! Big Deal Alpha, Priceless , Ink: SU! Tempting Turquoise, Real Red, StazOn Black

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Jenn said...

Lela, what a great post and experience for you. It really does make you think about what your special gift is. I agree with everything this gentleman said. God has given us each something special and we should use it to the fullest once we discover what it is. Thanks so much for sharing this.


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