Sunday, January 18, 2009

WOW! A First

YUP!! Woohoo! Happy Birthday to ME....ok a little early but it's still FUN! My Darling Scrapping "Distress Diva" Friend Gina (who I aspire to "distress pages" like) sent me this! How Fab is THAT! Now that I've updated the look and add more entries more often, I think my blog is finally coming around! Along with this award, I am supposed to list 5 Addictions and then pass the award on to 5 other gals.

My Addictions

1. My Boys (all 3 of them)

2. Scrapping

3. Coffee

4. SCS (Splitcoast Stampers)

5. Photos (I love to take picts)

I'm TRULY, TRULY thrilled to list these and think how far I've come. You see, it wasn't too long ago I had a Career Coach tell me I needed a "hobby"! I needed more balance in my life because I was very much a stressed, work-aholic. It would have been first on this list...and well, maybe 2nd, 3rd, get the picture! Little did she know, it was some of the BEST advice I ever got! Here I am a MUCH more well-rounded, at peace, fun, family person!
I am passing this on to some of my friends from SCS (Goal Thread & Proj 365) & Nona whose blog I just love to view because you never know what wonderful crafty idea she'll be working on!

I'm Passing this AWARD to:
1. Val
2. Jenn
5. Nona

How VERY Fun! Thanks Gina!


Jenn said...

Thanks for such a fun award Lela! I will have to do a blog post and pass on to five others!

Donna said...

Thanks for the award're so sweet!

nonapearl said...

Thank you for the award! I appreciate you reading my blog.



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